Slot Joker- In Search Of El Dorado

If you want to win some big jackpots, then play slot joker. It is one of the leading online slot game providers in Southeast Asia. It is known for providing large jackpots and huge cash prize to players consistently. Many players won huge cash prize while playing slot games over here. With little stakes, you can win a considerable sum of money, with which you can enjoy a vacation in some exotic place with your family. You can select traditional slot games or themed modern versions of the game, the array of games they offer is astonishing and amazing.

Exciting games

The service provider most modern slot games for your entertainment and fun. The adventure-themed slots, where you will find yourself in the midst of South America questing for traditional gold. In this gold rush narrative slot game, the chief character wanders in the dense jungle of Yucatan to seek gold mines and the lost city of El Dorado. The character is a depiction of the historical Spanish explorer Gonzalo Pizzaro who was exploring the Amazon during the 1540s. The detailed CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), high-quality graphics and 3D effects, substitutes the conventional gaming experience with avalanche effects of thrills and stimulant, which will sweep you of your feet.

High payouts

The traditional gold rush adventure is replaced by modern-day quench for high payouts, and this quench of high payouts is satisfied by online slot game providers. The backdrop of the game is based on real historical events and geographic location, the settings are a replica of Yucatan jungle, and the sound effects are identical to forest resonance. To make it more interesting and fascinating, the reel symbols are inspired by authentic real Mayan mask. The mystery question mark is the single wild symbol of the game, which overrides other symbols, offering you a winning arrangement securing with extra free spins.

Other feature

Another unique feature of this innovative slot game is the set of multipliers, which increase progressively each time they emerge. But when you click on this winning symbol, it disappears instantly. This unique multiplier set can enhance your winning sum by 15 times, which is more than three times than ordinary games. The free-fall feature is another feature that needs no activation. Whenever you come across a winning combination, this feature is automatically activated. The extra symbols start showering down from the reels creating other opportunities.

In bonus rounds, other features like paylines, control buttons get deactivated.